2003, 2018

Why are Common Entrance exams important?

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Any educational admissions process is a stressful and often difficult experience for pupils and parents alike. Common Entrance is no exception: a varied set of examinations across all subjects, requiring an all-round performance in order to gain admission to a preferred school.

Common Entrance certainly has its critics: how effective is it? Is preparatory education overly […]

1403, 2018

Common Entrance Papers

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Your Common Entrance exams are the first set of academic tests that are of major significance. This is why practice is crucial; mock papers papers from the top schools are an absolute must.

Forget “French vocab” tests on a Tuesday morning, and “Spelling and Grammar” on a Thursday; these are the first tests whose results count […]

603, 2018

What are we really doing here?

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According to Woody Allen, eighty per cent of life is showing up. The same is true for tutors. It’s the last twenty percent that distinguishes excellent tutors, separating the wheat from the chaff. As tutors, we have to take advantage of the fact that we have the luxury to focus on a single student.

In […]