Some of Regency’s top clients are based in America, notably in California. Our skype tuition process is an exciting opportunity for American based pupils to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience of our tutors.

Most of our tutors have attended the TOP UK and US university’s and have in depth knowledge of the application and examination process.

Starting with K12 home schooling and other college tuition we are here to help. Boston, Stanford, Harvard, UCLA tuition are our priorities. If these are institutions you are looking at- we are the tutors for you.

Our high end tuition is ideal for home schooling and for pupils who are keen to develop their own home schooling program.

We have coached our clients into the top institutions and are confident we can help you! Home schooling in Texas and California are increasingly popular for pupils following international exam boards and need to have home schooling curriculums developed for them.

Everything from upping your grades, to personal statements and interview technique Regency will walk you through every step of the way.

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