A possible small brain exercise to do each day:

Learn a new word at the start of each day. Learning this will lay down a neural memory trace connection between your hippocampus and your neocortex. However, this exercise is only useful if you make sure to apply this learnt knowledge by making sure to try and use the word in a few sentences during the day. If the word is more obscure, just try and think about at least 10 different sentences you could use it in, as this will allow for the memory trace to be strengthened, which will greatly exercise and stimulate your brain.

Your brain has two centres for language – one is for langauge comprehension (Wernicke’s Area) which will be stimulated when you learn the word, and the other is for language production (Broca’s Area) which will be stimulated when you aim to produce sentences utilising the new word. A rich vocabulary has also been linked to reducing risk of cognitive decline.

Overall, doing small and daily/regular exercise like this will keep the language and memory regions of your brain stimulated and healthy.

I’m going to get learning myself and will post a few word of the days for us all!!