1902, 2015

The Problem with Maths

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It is well known that fears are transmitted through the generations. If someone in your family has arachnophobia, there is a higher likelihood of you developing it too. This is the case with bigger, more abstract issues as well.

Maths, in this regard is no exception. Parents must take the upmost caution when expressing a dislike […]

1802, 2015

The Power of Immersion

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The ability to learn a language varies drastically amongst students. Some children are perfectly fluent in 3 or more languages while others struggle to pick up the basics of French (despite learning it almost every day at school). How can we shorten this divide?

One of the keys is immersion. Many think that languages only come […]

1510, 2014

Gap-Years …

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Gap years, are they a worth while experience or a waste of time and money?
If someone asks me again where my son is going for his “gap year” I think I might scream! My son isn’t taking a gap year he’s gone off to university….where I hope he will have plenty of life experiences, fun […]

1410, 2014

Half Term Tuition

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Having put four children through the education system I can’t advocate enough how important extra tuition can be, especially at this time of the year.
Mock A levels are looming and although seem far away in January, come round fast enough. Although one would imagine that the Christmas holidays are the time to cram in extra […]