911, 2015

Common Entrance

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Common Entrance

This are a stressful time for both parent and child it is really important to make sure that your child does not feel any unnecessary pressure towards the exams. One of the main problems regarding these examinations is the inevitable comparisons that happen. This is not always something that gets discussed either.

Often is pressures […]

1409, 2015

Countdown to Common Entrance Exams!

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By now children everywhere have gone back to school for the start of a new year and, as many of you will be very aware, this means the countdown to Common Entrance Exams has begun. The closing date for applications – October 1st – is drawing ever closer and that means that the exam date […]

809, 2015

Back to School Blues

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It looks like Summer is officially over and this grey, wet weather has also spelt the start of the new school year. This is the week that most children have – in some cases rather reluctantly! – gone back to school. Perhaps for certain parents this brings with it a slight sense of relief, a […]

607, 2015

Brain Exercises!

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A possible small brain exercise to do each day:

Learn a new word at the start of each day. Learning this will lay down a neural memory trace connection between your hippocampus and your neocortex. However, this exercise is only useful if you make sure to apply this learnt knowledge by making sure to try and […]

303, 2015

Learning to Focus

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As children we learn how to be disciplined. From every action, every daily activity we are encouraged and told to focus. A good teacher will show us how to concentrate. Important exams will mean we have to throw ourselves into study and soak up the information. Revision courses, homework prep time, parents sending us to […]