Some FAQs Answered!

Q) What is a Gift of Learning voucher?
A) It’s a unique gift that allows the recipient to learn something new! They can use the cost of the voucher against the price of tuition with any of our tutors and on any subject they like.
Q) How does the Gift of Learning voucher work?
A) The Gift of Learning voucher works the same as any gift card. Simply click on the Book Now button here at the bottom of the page, choose the amount you would like to charge the voucher with and press buy. We will then send you your personalised gift voucher to present to the lucky student-to-be.
Q) Is there an ‘expiry date’ to the voucher?
A) The Gift for Learning vouchers must be used before December 2016, but otherwise you are free to claim it against any tuition you book.
Q) Am I limited to certain subjects or types of tuition?
A) Absolutely not! The voucher can be used for absolutely any subject at all – from beginners French to business Mandarin to violin lessons. Now is the perfect opportunity to brush up on those rusty skills or learn something brand new. This really is the gift for anyone!
Q) Is this only for school-age learners?
A) Not at all, this is for students of any age. As we know, it’s never to late to learn something new! Our tuition is suitable for everyone whether they are 10 or 110!
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