Having put four children through the education system I can’t advocate enough how important extra tuition can be, especially at this time of the year.

Mock A levels are looming and although seem far away in January, come round fast enough. Although one would imagine that the Christmas holidays are the time to cram in extra lessons I think the festivities make it very difficult for any fraught and busy mother. I also think it can be a very distracting time for students with the party season in full swing. Organising them now when it is all relatively calm cannot be overlooked and can help boost a students confidence. 

My youngest child who is now studying at Bristol benefited from extra tuition during autumn half term last year.  Having one to one tuition helped massively having one to one tuition.  He was able to ask specific questions and go over areas that he felt needed clarifying and didn’t have the confidence to ask in class. We, as parents and with the help of his tutor, were able to pin point weaknesses that could be worked on. It definitely boosted his confidence, which teachers at his school noticed after the half term break.  His deeper understanding of the subjects seemed to re-kindle his interest and keep him more focused. I cannot stress enough how much that helped prepare him for his mocks and meant that he only needed a few lessons during the Christmas holidays, which can only be good for a mother trying to get ready for Christmas!