Homeschooling is the word bubbling around the households of the elite families these days, with the high profile and wealthy opting for a more thorough stance in their children’s education.

Even the best day and boarding schools often mean little problem cases and academic struggles go undetected, but more importantly, the main reason for homeschooling is actually to flag up the hidden skills and natural talents of these lucky pupils.

Of course, every parent has a degree of bias towards their little ones but this is where they are spot on in their devotion. When a trained and encouraging tutor spots a simmer of something extraordinary in a child THAT’S where they are getting their bespoke and tailor made education system completely right.

Companies such as Regency Tuition offer specialist homeschool tutors who will help and guide students throughout all home schooling processes and examinations. Their tutors are often from the best local and international schools and have been through many different exam boards themselves, completed the toughest degrees at the best universities. They are experts in their fields and are best placed to secure top results through their encouraging and engaging tutoring technique.

So this is where money can buy success. Those lucky few being placed in the care of the brightest minds will, undoubtedly flourish and excel.

Of course the question always remains. Is it fair? Is it just? The fact is what would you not do for the ones you love the most?

If you can buy the best education that money can buy- why would you not? Companies like RegencyEnglish Class 1 give a thorough and professional supporting education. Face to face of via skype they deem it is all about finding the right tutor match. However is it an option for many? It seems the top end families will be sharing the tutors between themselves.