Private tuition can play a crucial role in a child’s education. Not only does it iron out deficiencies in the child’s knowledge and understanding of a particular subject but it allows for the creation of a distinct learning environment. This learning environment has numerous advantages when compared with more traditional forms of learning to which the child is accustomed.

Foremost among these advantages is the fact that the lesson can be tailored specifically for the child’s needs, meaning that the lesson is conducted at their pace of learning. This ensures that the pupil will spend a sufficient period of time on a particular topic in order to grasp it fully but will not spend so long as to become disinterested. This is in direct contrast to learning in a large class where there is likely to be a range of abilities with only children in the middle of the range gaining full benefit from the lessons.

The other prominent advantage of private tuition is that it is easier to construct an environment where you help pupils to work through the material themselves. By equipping them with the adequate tools it is possible to aid the pupil to logically reason through a question to find the answer and in doing so help them gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the topic they are working on. This is only possible due to the personal one to one nature of private tuition.