The immense pressure of exams is a real problem in modern times. We are all under tremendous amounts of stress these days but it is starting at an earlier and earlier age. In the UK we are forcing our children to compete for limited places in common entrance exams, in the US our early SAT scores now get fine combed during every important interview and college application for the rest of time.

It is highly stressful. As a young agency of encouraging tutors Ive come to realise it has become more about about encouragement and psychological support than about actual teaching. This was not always the case. It has become this way because this is what the pupils need. The amount of poor, stressed students crumbling under the pressure of exams is horrific. It is truly distressing. Whatever happened to childhood, teenage years of frivolity and fun? Its all about exams, competition and grades.

And we wonder why suicide rates in universities is going up. By the time young adults are having to deal with the pressure of finals its just TOO MUCH.

Enough, I say. Lets stop pushing these individuals and start supporting them, so they can blossom into sound and sensible and capable individuals. We want the youth to be full of confidence and intellect and not scared, anxious wreaks- shadows of what they could be. Mental health should come in front of school grades.