Regency provides expert School and University Placements along with top Advisory and Consultation services.

We take our clients through the entire process. Starting with assessments, character analysis and interviews in order to decide the best placement options.

From institution inspections and arranged tours, to academic assessments and applications and accompanied private tuition (both online and face to face) our process is highly bespoke, thorough and always successful.

Our Educational Consultancy and placement is second to none. We use a combination of Educational Specialists and retired professionals to bring you the best advice and contacts to ensure the right placements. This dual approach focuses simultaneously on the student and their place within the UK educational system, and the perfect match for each individual. Our Consultancy extends from 11+ to University level advice, searches and placements.

Regency Tuition’s consultation process is simple, enjoyable and efficient. We feel that it is essential to understand our clients individually.

Based on our highly personable and bespoke service we are in the perfect position to ensure that our clients are placed into the right leading schools for them.

 After an hour-long consultation with the pupil, our Educational Consultant will compile a report stating the pupils needs and potential. We will then be able to evaluate the best possible options. Our Educational Consultants have a vast amount of knowledge of the different curriculums, courses and subject options, as well as contacts within all the major institutions. This enables us to advise and approach the application process with all the insight required.

The Process:

After our thorough consultation and based on initial decisions about the proposed date of move, school of requirements and desired school, we will then produce a report recommending the 6 best institutions or schools which fulfill the parents’ criteria. This Schools or University Report, along with the Assessment Report is discussed at a further hour-long consultation session. We then make the necessary approaches to selected schools and discern availability, exercising discretion and, where required, we can arrange visits for you with the schools, assist with any administrative tasks that arise with regards application and can accompany families to visits as requested. We are available for visits to answer any questions you may have, and we would be delighted to do so.

Looking forward to working with you all.