1804, 2018

How do you prepare for Common Entrance tests?

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How do you prepare for these terrifying common entrance exams? So, once again the dreaded common entrance tests are coming up and students are frantically trying to get ready. Everything is so competitive these days and it’s a sad reality that children are having to be put through their paces at such an early age. Regency […]

2401, 2016

Ski Chaperones and Tutors!

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Ski Chaperones and Tutors!
For all those going skiing this year we have a small group of tutors who can accompany and chaperone you on your travels. Our top clients are often very international families and need a certain tutor to help with the children as well as teach and get involved with fun outings like skiing […]

1301, 2016

Valentine’s Gift unlike any other…

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Valentine’s Day is such a big event for so many couples!
It is so easy to resort to the cliché gifts such as chocolates and flowers.
Why not give your loved one something a little more bespoke this year? Perhaps you can both have a language lesson in order to get to your Italian better for the […]