There are some good questions to ask when choosing a tutoring agency. Each blog post this week will deal with a different sub-category of questions that you might want to ask potential or current tuition companies. Today will be about telling if the tutors are of the right calibre.

Firstly, you should know how these tutors are selected. In other words, do they have the right education? For instance, it is not enough to be told that this tutor or that tutor has graduated from Oxford or UCL. For the best results you want them to have studied the very subject the tutee has studied. This is particularly applicable to A-Level students. Tutors should be mentors as much as teachers. With Regency Tuition our aim is to promote and foster this relationship. We pair our students with tutors that have attended the very university they are applying for. This is the best way to get results without being overly demanding.

Secondly, a good question to ask is what percentage of applicants become tutors. We are not proud of turning people away – but at Regency Tuition the fact that about 1 in 4 candidates make the cut gives you an idea of the calibre of our tutors. Indeed some tutoring agencies may never physically meet their tutors, a fact I find quite surprising.

Lastly, Regency Tuition advocates communication between tutors and tutees before lessons begin. In that way tutors can have a very good idea of the level and nature of their tutee starting from the very first lesson. This service is free and we think it’s of paramount importance for starting off on the right foot. Among other things, this gives you, as a customer, the opportunity to gauge the tutors.

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Regency Tuition Team