There are some good questions to ask when choosing a tutoring agency. Each blog post this week will deal with a different sub-category of questions that you might want to ask potential or current tuition companies. Yesterday’s post was about telling if the tutors are of the right calibre. Today we will evaluate if the tutor is the perfect match for your child.

Firstly, is this tutor experienced in the right fields? Lots of tutoring agencies boast impressive tutors. Many tutors have received an Oxbridge education. In itself this isn’t worth much if the tutor has no experience in the subject of choice. A graduate in French will not be particularly talented at teaching History. If they believe they can then ask for experience, it’s a good way of knowing.

Secondly, has this tutor thought at this level before? Whether it’s Common Entrance or University Preparation, experience at the given level is of paramount importance. For example, A-Level tutors might not be able to teach Common Entrance. Find the right match for the best results.

Lastly, and this is one of the most significant and invaluable assets, does this said tutor have experience tutoring other students at the school? This can be a real deal breaker. If the tutor is accustomed to how the school prepares homework, what the teachers expect and how they teach this can be the beginning of an extremely fruitful rapport with tutor and tutee.

As ever, at Regency Tuition, we attempt to match up the right tutee with over 300 tutors. You are our priority and we want you to make the most out of our services.

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