There are some good questions to ask when choosing a tuition agency. Each blog post this week will deal with a different sub-category of questions that you might want to ask potential or current tuition companies. Yesterday was about discussing how to evaluate progress. This week we will work out what more the tuition agencies can help you with.

“Ask not what you can do for your tuition agency, ask what your tuition agency can do for you”.

Most tuition agencies, other than drafting out their tutors for lessons, also provide professional advice.

At Regency Tuition we provide free consultation services along-side your lessons. Everything from Common Entrance advice to which University to apply for is taken care of. Because of our wide range of clientele we have developed a deep understanding of the UK educational system – with educational consultants who are also here to help.

Indeed, at Regency Tuition we provide in-depth monthly reports that give you a clear idea of where the tutee is headed. Lessons are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making real progress.

Lastly we also provide specific homework sessions for the busy parents out there who need a tutor to assist with homework more than anything. This is becoming increasingly popular as we can offer this work at discounted rates, since the lessons do not require the same detailed structure as they usually do.

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Regency Tuition Team