There are some good questions to ask when choosing a tutoring agency. Each blog post this week will deal with a different sub-category of questions that you might want to ask potential or current tuition companies. Last week we worked out what more the tuition agencies can help you with. This week will explore three top tips for exam revision.

Firstly, in nearly all subjects, students have a good idea of what their weaknesses are. Although it is easier to do what one enjoys (and one naturally enjoys what comes easily), it is generally good practice to start with the most difficult topics. In this fashion, one clarifies more testing topics and brings up the general knowledge of a subject.

Secondly we cannot emphasise the power of breaks enough. Sometimes working for extended periods of time can be detrimental. One’s power to absorb information can dwindle after 45 minutes to an hour. We suggest that you take a break after this amount of time. Working on screen and paper can seriously damage your eyes also.

Lastly a major part of exam success is staying concentrated on the exam throughout the year. Many teachers and students alike forget to focus on the nitty-gritty of exam technique. Many of Regency Tuition’s students often make the mistake of overlooking the marking schemes or question breakdown. These mistakes (and overlooking them in this fashion) lead to underperformance despite academic excellence.

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