There are some good questions to ask when choosing a tutoring agency. Each blog post this week will deal with a different sub-category of questions that you might want to ask potential or current tuition companies. Yesterday was about evaluating if the tutor is the perfect match for your child. Today we are going to discuss how to evaluate progress.

After having established whether your child and tutor get along well, it’s time to find out if any progress is being made. Here are three simple steps towards finding out.

Firstly, use teachers. Parents are welcome to use teachers as a barometer for their children’s education. A good, attentive teacher will be able to notice when a student is going through a productive phase or not. Of course this is a simplistic overview but at Regency Tuition we recommend that parents and teachers work together. In this fashion you can tell whether the tutor is having a positive impact on the student’s schoolwork.

Secondly, look at their homework. Many parents overlook homework. Often you work with your child (if you can spare the time) on a piece they find particularly difficult, but you rarely seek to follow it up when it’s returned from the teacher. A lot of time could be saved it this didn’t happen.

Lastly, ask your child if they enjoy the sessions. The odds are if they enjoy the sessions, then they also think they’re productive. Satisfaction and success go hand in hand, and it’s good to see them loving learning.

As ever, at Regency Tuition we want our tutees to adore working with us. We have young and enthusiastic tutors that are mentors as much as they are friends.

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