The ability to learn a language varies drastically amongst students. Some children are perfectly fluent in 3 or more languages while others struggle to pick up the basics of French (despite learning it almost every day at school). How can we shorten this divide?

One of the keys is immersion. Many think that languages only come naturally, but this is simply not true. A good way of overcoming linguistic difficulties is by being constantly exposed to the language in question. We will now outline 3 key ways of achieving this exposure.

The first is Television. Sky, BT and occasionally Freeview provide their viewers with coverage from different countries. This is a very all-encompassing way of learning a language – the closest thing to actually talking to someone. Even watching a show as simple as Friends can yield fantastic results. These simple programs are such an easy way of picking up naturalistic language.

A more intellectual and challenging task can be found in listening to the radio. Unlike TV, only listening to information is harder without it’s visual aid. It is also a great way of practicing before listening exams and is often ignored by students. You can listen to more or less any major radio station through your computer.

That brings me onto my final piece of advice. Using one’s computer, you can watch yesterday’s evening news in nearly any country. This is the acid test for your language skills. If you can follow the news, you are on your way to being fluent.

Our advice here at Regency Tuition is not to overlook what’s just in front of you.

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Regency Tuition Team