Okay guys Christmas is upon us but let’s use this time wisely. All that socialising ,playing games, eating and drinking is fun but let’s think in moderation. When it’s mid December and exams and deadlines in January feel like a lifetime away but Christmas is always manic isn’t it and time flies when you’re having fun.


Regency tuition have devised five top tips to keep you focused over the holidays


  1. Plan a head and start early get your schedule is made and stick to them! This is actually quite a fun game and children and students alike enjoy planning and plotting. Normally people become completely overambitious but better to be positive and start with a good attitude.


  1. Work out the deadlines. What exactly needs to be achieved and how long will it take. Having tangible goals is very important and being able to see what exactly needs covering means you’re not likely to leave anything out.


  1. Don’t stress. Sleep is essential to cognitive function so stressing and worrying and sleeping poorly will only have a negative effect. Remember you are only human so don’t worry if a day or a revision session doesn’t go to plan.


  1. Be active. Make sure that you are just as focused on being healthy and exercising getting lots of fresh air and devising your revision sessions into manageable chunks healthy bodies healthy minds it’s so true!


  1. Get extra help if you need it. There is no point in wasting valuable time and pressure on trying to work something out when other people have the answers Regency division are on hand over the holidays to answer any questions or to help with tuition just pick up the phone