UCAS application deadlines are fast approaching (15th of January!) and it is crucial to get your personal statement absolutely right. Our Oxford and Cambridge graduate tutors can go over these with you and make sure you are making the right decisions and choices and also the right demands throughout your application. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your personal statements right.

They need to show; your personality, your ambitions, your goals and most importantly they need to show what makes you an ASSET to their university. This is the trick. Give us a call or email us at any stage in order to find out how you can get your statements checked. It’s so demoralising when you hear about bright students who have had their futures somewhat ruined or altered by a bad UCAS application. I know this sounds dramatic but it is really important to think about your choices of uni, research thoroughly, get the right assistance and help and decide wisely on the courses you like in order to put in the best application you can.

We can help any time.

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